Beach Photographer | Orange Beach | Gulf Shores | Fort Morgan: Blog en-us (C) Beach Photographer | Orange Beach | Gulf Shores | Fort Morgan [email protected] (Beach Photographer | Orange Beach | Gulf Shores | Fort Morgan) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:46:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:46:00 GMT Beach Photographer | Orange Beach | Gulf Shores | Fort Morgan: Blog 120 120 Farrah & Michael's Backyard Celebration! Many people in our small, quaint little town are blessed to know Farrah and her sweet smile - I know my family adores her !! When she asked me to help capture her special day I was beyond touched...and SO excited when she and her adorable mom told me about their plans for an awesome backyard celebration!! Meeting Michael on the day of the wedding was just the icing on the cake...he was just as fun as Farrah! Rain couldn't even damper the sweet and super fun spirit of these two and their awesome friends and family! The weather cleared for the ceremony and their day turned out beautiful! I hope these photos captured even a fraction of the beautiful details, fun friends, and love shared on this day! Congratulations newlyweds! 



I can honestly say I don't think there's ever been a more fun bridal party! These two are so lucky to have such great family and friends to keep them laughing!

First looks can be so much fun!!! I loved Michael's big smile when he saw his beautiful bride!

This bride...and this dress! WOW!! Stunningly beautiful!


The details throughout this wedding just blew me sweet and simple yet so lovely and romantic! 


Thank you again Michael & Farrah for allowing me to be a part of such a fun celebration of your love! 


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Wedding Day Smiles on the Beach! There are few things I love more than photographing a beach wedding! This wonderful couple made my job so easy! These two were so friendly and sweet as were their friends and wow! Could they be any more good looking? Their sweet spirits definitely shine through to the outside...they were flawless! I am so so thankful they chose me to photograph their destination wedding here on our beautiful gulf coast! 

A very special thank you to the lovely and talented Sheryl with Orange Beach Weddings! I'd be lost without all of her help & beautiful touches!

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Hannah + Evin Hannah & Evin met in school and I would guess that they had no idea they'd end up soul mates. I like to think that's how some of the happiest relationships friends. I've personally been blessed to know them both and watching them grow up then fall in love has been so special! Hannah was one of the first people I ever professionally photographed many, many years ago and I've been blessed to photograph her as a child, at her sweet sixteen, proms, and of course her senior session where Evin joined us ! I cannot explain in words how touched I am that they brought me along on their wedding day as they made such a special commitment!! I'm excited to share a few images with all of you...and cannot WAIT to share their gallery with them today!!! 


Congratulations Hannah & Evin!!! I wish you both so much happiness, love and laughter!! I love you both!! xo

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Carvella Family Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a sweet friend that I hadn't seen since college! Just seeing her bright, beautiful smile brought me back to our fun times freshman year of college! She is one of the most genuine and kind people I've known & the love her precious little family shared just showed how sweet they are too! We had so much beachy fun on a cool January day at Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores, Alabama! 

Those eyes!! Those lips!! And oh my goodness those sweet cheeks! <3 

Thanks friends for playing on the beach with me!!
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Sweet Fall Wedding Her sweet spirit & beautiful smile is so contagious.

His fun, silly attitude makes you feel like you've known him forever.

Watching these two beautiful souls say "I do" was wonderful!

I was honored when Tracy asked me to photograph her wedding. We had a blast taking engagement photos around Fort Morgan
and I knew that day that the wedding was going to be so much fun! 

Tracy & Michael's wedding was so "them"-full of laughter, smiles, love, and happiness. The dreary weather outside couldn't put a damper on the joyous celebration inside. I was honored to photograph this sweet wedding for my friends and so happy to finally share it with all of you! 

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Summer Memories - Part 2 The crazy fun, super blessed, beautiful 2014 summer season has officially come to an end here on the Gulf Coast and boy was it a good one! I had so much fun meeting new families, making new friends, and of course, seeing friends from last season! I was beyond blessed to celebrate my last summer session with this beautiful extended family a week ago in Fort Morgan and their session has definitely become a favorite!! 

I've decided that beach house vacations are the way to go!! There's just something about stepping out of the back door and onto the beach! Sharing that home with your family must be simply magical! <3

And of course, it wouldn't truly be a vacation without a little sibling "love" right? ;) 
Thank you so much sweet friends for an absolutely lovely session to close out a wonderful summer!!!


I cannot express my thanks enough to those who have trusted me with their memories this summer. You'll never know how much it means to me!!! I had entirely too much fun enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast to blog every single family session but check out a few highlights from the second part of our summer! 

Until next summer sweet friends!! 




Music Cred: Colbie Caillet  - Brighter than the Sun

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Summer Memories - Part 1

Wow! Summertime is in full swing down here by the gulf and I am one blessed photographer! I have gotten to play on the beach with so many beautiful families and its only the beginning of July! Well, because we've been outside playing, I've had a hard time keeping up the blog with photos of all of these awesome families so I thought I'd take a second and share what La Belle Photo has been up to this summer! Turn your sound up, sit back, and dream of toes in the water and fun in the sand! 

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Ohio meets the Gulf! If you asked me if I was a wedding photographer, I would say no. I love weddings and I think there is nothing prettier than a bride on her wedding day but offer to take me off of the beach, put me in a big church, give me hours of shooting and I'd probably politely decline and recommend some amazing wedding photographer friends to you. However, ask me to photograph a beautiful beach wedding for a few hours and I'll probably agree with a big smile on my face!! 

I was doubly blessed recently to have the opportunity to work with my friends at Southern Salt Weddings (sometimes known as Orange Beach Weddings) whom I adore and to photograph the precious wedding of Katie and Travis! This group from Ohio was so sweet, absolutely stunning, and a complete dream to spend the day with! The beach was gorgeous and their wedding was so sweet! 



Thank you sweet friends for including me in such a beautiful day and best wishes for a wonderfully happy marriage!!

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Sunrise & Salt Life! This gorgeous family started off the busy summer season with a colorful sunrise session!

There are very few people that can come to beach with big color and even bigger smiles at 6:30 in the morning
but this awesome family did just that !! (and made my whole day when I saw them!)

Did I mention the awesome brother and sister duo didn't even mind hanging out and being photographed...TOGETHER?!
They were every bit as beautiful on the inside as they were on the out! 

Thank you sweet friends for starting off "beach season" with such an amazing experience for me!

I'm definitely ready for summer now!!



PS...if you ever wonder "what should I wear for my family pictures?", this is such a great example of bright colors working so so so well together! Mom did a great job giving everyone their own style while tying it all in!! 

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Beach Fun With Friends! Its only February but the past few days have definitely felt like Spring and there was no way these friends and I were going to miss a chance to play on the beach together!! :) Jen and her crew are absolutely incredible to photograph! When you hear that someone has an infectious smile, that's Jen. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know her and her sweet family! 

Ummm....can you say gorgeous?! Inside and out! <3 

Like I said, such a fun crew !! Cannot wait to hang out again soon dear friends! <3

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Frozen With Alli Belle! Greetings from the Frozen Wonderland that is South Alabama! 


Life by the bay proved to be exciting this week when everything turned to Ice! Kind of a fun thing when you're super prepared (as we, fortunately, were!) and you're planning a "Frozen" themed photo shoot with your favorite 7 year old! In case you haven't seen it, the Disney movie Frozen is magical and Alli Belle and I fell IN LOVE with it immediately!! We listen to the soundtrack at least 3 times a day and sing the songs constantly!

Last week, I asked her if she'd like to dress up as her favorite character, Elsa, the Snow Queen and she excitedly agreed! Off we went to thrift stores to put together the perfect dress and cape! Then, when we found out it was going to SNOW...all the way down HERE...our photo shoot was set! Well, living by the water in our little beachy paradise means snow is very unlikely...and we missed out. Most of what we did get was ice so we made the best of it! And, with the help of a little Photoshop magic, you'd never know we actually never saw the white fluffy stuff! ;)

My little Elsa sang & danced her heart out during the brief (& super cold!!!) photo shoot!

She even got to wear a little Elsa inspired makeup! (Even though daddy definitely didn't approve!)

It wasn't hard for this little snow queen to be fascinated by all of the ice! It really was magical! :)


I had so much fun doing this with Alli Belle! I'm so blessed that she can find the wonder and magic in everything and I hope she never loses that (I haven't!) <3
I'd like to add that we feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy the ice and cold weather but then return safely to a warm house. So many didn't have that chance and we have all prayed hard (& continue to pray!) for these people! I hope soon that everyone is warm and safe <3
**The wonderful snow overlays are from From The Treetop Photography <3 So excited for a rare chance to use them!
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Photo Challenge - Weeks Two & Three :) So, I'm a super duper procrastinator. I seriously dislike that in me BUT I have to say these two weeks ("Shoot Through Something" & "Frame Your Subject") were SO hard!!! I didn't procrastinate this time...REALLY! I promise! It literally took me this long (until today) to do this. I've brainstormed lots of ideas, been to the beach, been to parties, photographed my didn't matter. Nothing could inspire me to do these challenges. So, today I just went outside w/ the dogs, some cookie crumbs for the birds and set out to photograph an animal. I was definitely going to shoot through some tall grass or into bushes. That was it. And then I was going to get SUPER creative and make sure that WHILE I was shooting through that tall grass or bush, the limbs or blades of grass would frame some beautiful cardinal or my cute little yorkie giving me his lopsided look he loves to give. Well, this is what I got....

Lots of birdies, grass, and yorkies right? And are these my favorite images I've ever shot? Ummm...NO. lol But what I do love about them is that I just went outside and shot. I didn't worry about the sun being perfect or my child smiling just so or any of it. I just walked and walked and....walked until I felt inspired. :) So I shot through water...Our canal is super low in the winter which is cool b/c you can see the bottom unlike in the summer. What's not cool about that is there are no crabbies, fishies, jellies, or whatever usually lurks under the dark water in the summertime to gaze at! But this is still fun. I love the crustaceans & if you look close enough you may see a few little minnows (out of focus lol). And the framed picture is probably a little stretching of the topic. I actually just took this picture b/c I love this view and noticed on the computer that the two pines on each side seemed to frame the photo :) 

Like I said, these two challenges were super tough but I'm already thinking about my next topic: shadows! We have a fun & rare weekend w/ the husband OFF both Saturday and Sunday so cold beach trips and maybe even a little zoo time are in the plans! The wheels are turning and I can't wait to try again!! 

I always want to learn and hope that this challenge will help me do that. I'm definitely learning that being near the water is my comfort zone <3 but also that I shouldn't be so hung up w/ having an idea BEFORE I shoot...I should just go out, camera in hand, and explore. You never know what you can find! :)

Oh...and I'm learning from the happy little chirps all around the house, that birds love cookie crumbs right outside their favorite bushes ;) 

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Sweet E Sesh with two lovelies <3 I forget how much I absolutely love photographing two people in love. Add in that they're super sweet, fun to be around, and definitely not too bad to look at and I'm in heaven! These two are getting married in May and their excitement and love for each other made this such a sweet day! 


See?! How cute are these two?! And their love & happiness is so contagious! I smiled throughout the session and have continued to smile as I've worked on their images!

Oh, and I should totally add that as a former educator, his shirt kinda ROCKS!!!

Thanks Lisa & Ben for sharing a part of your special journey with me! :)


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*New* - Photo Challenge Week One :) I debated for a while on what I wanted my "New" submission to be...and that means I procrastinated and didn't photograph anything. I've so gotta work on that. So, today I realized I was about to miss my very first week of my challenge and I forced myself to photograph ... and what I have makes my heart smile so much. :) **Photo Nerd Note: I used my favorite lens (50mm 1.4) with these and although that wasn't new, I focused more on a lifestyle approach that I'm falling in love with. I love photographing everyday life and I think I'll cherish these photos more than the posed ones any day :) I also tried a new editing style...little more matte old school finish :) Feedback is always welcome! 

Alli Belle was given the super popular loom bracelet making thing (I'm all about the technical name! lol) for Christmas by her sweet MiMi and we both have fallen in love with it. I joke that I love it more than she does but what I love the most is that it gives us yet something else to do together and to bond over. 

She still gets pretty frustrated with it but its something new and something fantastic for her to learn. Not only do I love that we're doing these together, that we're sharing & learning (& laughing when our masterpieces fall apart!!) but that she wants to make these for everyone - for me, her teachers, her friends, etc. I pray lots for a giving heart for my only child who has more than she could ever want and when she wants to spend an hour making a bracelet and then give it away, that makes me very happy. Its the little things right? <3

So new for me is a new way to bond with my daughter. In PJs on a rainy, cold day. And learn about giving and sharing together. <3

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Happy New Year! Happy New Year!! :)

2013 was such a great first "official" year in business and I am beyond grateful for everyone for encouraging and supporting this little adventure of mine!! :) Thank YOU sweet friends <3

I am so excited to see what 2014 holds! My business goals are to learn, learn, learn! I want to challenge myself to improve my technique, skill, and business sense. A fun way I hope to do this is a weekly photo challenge. Each week, I will try to think outside the box and definitely aim to learn something new as I work with that week's "theme".

I created my own 52 week photo challenge (below) and hope to blog at least once a week so I can share my journey with everyone :) I'd LOVE it if you'd like to participate as well! :) Photo challenges are so fun and a great way to learn and explore! No pressure and no guilt. If we miss a week, no big deal but if you see me slacking, I'd love some encouragement to get back on track! <3 Feel free to share your images on the La Belle Photo Facebook page if you'd like :) 


This week's challenge is "New" ... I'm already loving my ideas about this and how many ways it can be interpreted! :) Can't wait to share my image for this week and hope you will enjoy following this journey with me! :) 

Have a great year everyone and take lots of photos!! <3



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Sweet Christmas Minis! :) What better way to start off blogging again than with a collection of my favorite images from this year's Christmas Mini Sessions!? :) I didn't want to ruin any Christmas Card or Christmas Gift surprises with sneak previews before the holidays but now I can't wait any longer! I was blessed to work with several sweet families this holiday season and I hope they loved their photos as much as I loved taking them! :) 


Mini Sessions are a super inexpensive way to update your family photos! They are great at Christmas time b/c you can make Christmas gifts, cards, and more! I was also so excited to design these cute Christmas Cards with my family & friends:

Look for more mini sessions during the months of January & February to get cute Valentine gifts! :) 


Thank you to these sweet families for sharing a bit of their holiday joy with me this Christmas! <3

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